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Our Mission

We're a venture capital fund designed to address the unique needs of early-stage startups in the energy industry.

We provide support and deep industry expertise across the product development, strategy, business model, and financing stages.

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startup add value

Where We Add Value

For Corporations:

pain point mapping

Pain point mapping

Our relationships with energy companies allows us to understand their pain points and pilot new solutions.

investment support

investment support

We collaborate with corporate investor teams to help them with discovery, due diligence, and deal flow.


For Startups:

implementation adoption

implementation & adoption

We have proven experience getting technology implemented and scaled across global big energy companies.

BBL Labs

BBL Labs

Our accelerator focused on the energy sector will help create a pathway for innovative solutions to be available to the industry.

By providing funding, education and mentoring, testbeds, and end-user engagement to startups that want to work with the energy sector, we’ll enable the growth of strong startups that will be key solution providers to some of the energy sector’s hardest problems — and a great addition to growing Houston’s startup ecosystem.

In partnership with:


where we invest startups

Where We Invest


Pre-seed. Often the first institutional investor. Initial checks up to $500K. We often participate in Seed and Series A.


Hardware and software for the energy sector. Focused on addressing the many productivity opportunities in energy.


Solve real painpoints. Connect technology development to high value opportunities in the field.


  • Teams looking to change the energy industry

  • Product development time is less than 2 years

  • Technically-leaning teams of 1-5 founders

  • Traditional energy software and hardware products

  • $0 - $5MM funding raised (although not always)


  • Full-time management staff (CFO, CMO, HR, Legal)

  • Engineering partners support (software and hardware)

  • Sufficient seed capital to last the program

  • Domestic engagement with Houston Energy Companies

  • And much more

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