Our reverse pitch competition with ExxonMobil

pain point mapping

Pain Point Mapping

Briefings & Disruption Blueprints

Timely and topical presentations on emerging technology trends including use case and ROI analytics.

Pain Point mapping          

Deep dive strategy sessions with corporate innovation teams to identify and categorize priorities and pain points.

corporate entrepreneur in residence

A structured program post-pain point mapping and reverse pitch where the startup team collaborates on-premise to deliver robust solutions.

Pain Point Navigator Software


1. Desktop + Mobile Input Box (for Field Workers)

  • Input, categorize, and rank pain points

  • Automatically syncs with company-wide repository

Pain Point Navigator Mobile Input Mockup
2Manager Dashboard Mockup.png

2. Pain Point Dashboard/Repository (for Operations Managers)

  • Analytics engine: categories, composite scores, departmental

  • Algorithms/ML: pattern recognition, suggested tags, entry optimization


3. Organization-Wide Pain Point Dashboard (for CTO‘s)

  • Company-wide view across business units, geos - see screen by priority rankings

  • CTO can throttle which pain points to export to BBLV








  • Anonymous cross-industry view

  • Can easily add outside pain points to company funnel

CTO Dash.png
3. Organization-Wide Pain Point Dashboard2.png
4. Industry View Pain Point Dashboard.png

4. Industry View Pain Point Dashboard (for BBLV)

  • BBLV analyzes industry pain points by priority and addressable market

  • BBLV then stands up a solution, funds it and commercializes/operationalizes it

investment support

Investment Support


Technology scouting and vetting to meet defined requirements.


Market research and analytical support for technology adoption or acquisition and early stage company due diligence for grants or investment.