We've already helped these companies build great products that solve real-world pain points for energy companies.


ceres knowledge engine

The CERES Knowledge Engine by UNEE provides a mix of data science, data visualization, and advanced visualizations that gives enterprises the visibility they require to answer some of their most asked questions.

Leveraging the power of the data graph, CERES quickly and easily eliminates blindspots within organizations by cost effectively building data relationships from disparate data sources and business applications.


AI Driller

AI Driller is an automation company that eliminates human error and inefficiencies by providing self-drilling applications to guarantee best performance and consistency across the entire fleet for oil and gas operators.

By systematically working with the global leaders in drilling automation including drilling contractors, oil and gas operators, service companies, and control system providers, AI Driller is building a full suite of drilling automation solutions from execution modules for the rig to well planning software for the engineers in the office. AI Driller’s external advisory board, consisting of experts from leading global energy companies, plays a crucial role in assisting the company to ensure the best value for its Customers.




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